Friday 3 July 2020

Wild Waters

    The creeks and rivers in the Robson Valley are going through wild times and as a result, those residents who depend on them for water are going through hard times.  Many a water system has stopped working as torrents of water come roaring down the mountain slopes.  The Village of McBride has lost its water, and now depends on tanker trucks bringing water from Prince George.
    Yesterday we lost our water again and ventured out in the afternoon to refill our water containers at friends who get their water from a well.  We came upon a closure of Mountainview Road because Rainbow Creek had been flowing over the road and had washed out the side of the road.  We detoured around to use Koeneman Road and found that it was filling up with water on the curve at the corner of Koeneman Park.
    We wondered if we should continue on with our quest, fearing that we might not be able to get back home upon our return, but we were assured by Highway personal that the problem causing the flooding on Koeneman Road had been corrected and that the flooding would be going down, so we continued on to get our containers filled with drinking and cooking water.
    The photos you see are all the result of Rainbow Creek’s wild day.

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