Wednesday 1 July 2020

McBride Peak Road Washout

    One of my favorite places to explore in he Robson Valley is the alpine on McBride Peak.  Unlike many of the other alpine areas around here, a road makes is accessible by vehicle (if you don’t mind driving on a very steep and rocky trail along some sections of sheer drop-offs).   I am always thankful when I have completed a trip up and back without incident.   A lot of the nice alpine areas are accessible only by hiking up unrelenting steep slopes from the valley bottom.  By the time I have slogged my way up to alpine, I am almost too exhausted to hike in the flowery meadows, which is the goal.
    Anyway, McBride Peak Road is now closed to traffic because of a washout.  More accurately, a slump,  that took out a section of the road’s edge in an area about 200 m. from the first lookout/picnic spot.  You can still walk up to the lookout however.    
    I am not sure what plans there are to rebuild this part of the road.  Who knows anymore with all of the chaos caused by the pandemic, but I hope it will be rebuilt soon.  

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