Thursday 30 July 2020

Something Akin To Hope

    I experienced a strange sensation yesterday; something akin to hopefulness.  Over the last months it has seemed like we have been facing an ever darkening horizon:  our dog, the Covid restrictions, non-stop rainy weather, no water, no finger, and then thousands of mosquitoes.  They were all bearing down on me, but yesterday I caught a whiff of a thought that maybe things were getting better.
    Laurel, a university student who had taken on a job as a gardener came over and worked for a day.  I had warned her about the mosquitoes, but she had been dealing with them daily on other jobs and took up the challenge of our sorry garden. 
    The day was sunny and quite pleasant with a 25C (77F) temperature.  She attacked our weed-laden garden and by the afternoon, I couldn’t believe the difference.  The weeds where gone, I could see soil, and to top it all off, you could actually stand out in the garden without a hat and not be eaten alive.  I won’t give Laurel credit for the mosquitoes, but the experience was a wonderful change.  It was like things had returned to the way they used to be.
    It all gave me hope that maybe things might be turning around.  However fleeting that thought might last, it was nice to experience it after such a long time.

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  1. There is always a little hope. Your garden looks beautiful to me. S

  2. How beautiful , she did well and the sun is actually shining and things are blooming and there are plants that will produce and food to be eaten, a feast for the eyes as well as the belly!