Monday 20 July 2020

McBride Mudslide: More Danger Identified

    When I wake up in the morning, I reach over and turn on the clock radio to hear what CBC has to say.  This morning when I did so, I was just in time to hear that geo-techs had discovered a 200 meter crack in the area that was the source of the mudslide on Willox Creek.  They said that the crack could cause another mudslide at any time--all bad news for people up the road who have been evacuated and all of the others that must cross the mudslide area to get to town. 
    We drove up past the area yesterday to get our first glimpses of how the neighborhood has been rearranged by the slide.  It was shocking to see just how much debris was visible from the road.   The top photo shows the area where the house was destroyed and the photo below shows a view of the house across the street.

You can view my photo-realistic paintings:

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