Monday 13 July 2020

McBride Mudslide Update

    Helicopters continue to buzz around the slope above our house and we can still hear the sound of heavy machinery working in the distance, but most of the excitement about the Willox Creek Mudslide has diminished, as work crews try to make things somewhat normal again.  The residents who were trapped on the other side of the slide can now follow a pilot truck through the mudslide area to access McBride and the rest of the outside world.  
    Willox Creek, that had crossed Mt. View Road east of the top of the hill you can see in the photo, had jumped it’s bank and begun to run on the other side of the hill during the slide.  Heavy machinery re-dug it’s regular channel, and it is now back where it belongs.  There have been several slides since the initial slide and geo-techs are still monitoring the area for new danger.
    The other day some unexpected, far off, thunder made us wonder if another slide had begun.  Later we were reassured upon hearing another, more identifiable, rumble of thunder.
    We walked up the road yesterday to check out what was happening.  I was hoping to get some shots of the destruction, but this is as far as they would let us walk.  Unfortunately the weather forecast shows no relief from the rain and showers. 
    I am sure I am not the only one getting tired of all the excitement in the neighborhood and long for some sort of normalcy to return.

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