Sunday 12 July 2020

Roadside Water Sources

    We are beginning to get water occasionally now through our tap, as kindly neighbors hike up to Sunbeam Falls and use a long prod to move debris off of our water intake culvert.  This has enabled us to do some laundry and shower.  During the time we had no water at all, we relied on friends who have a well.  Later other friends provided us with jugs of water they no longer needed.
    We did also start to use a couple of springs of clear water that trickle out onto the side of the road.  This water was running clear and clean even though all of the creeks in the area were muddy.  Before we put in our gravity-feed water system on Sunbeam Falls, our elderly neighbor was often seen walking up the road with her basket of bottles to fill at these springs for her drinking water.  
    In most places drinking water from the side of the road is a dangerous gamble that risks disease or poisoning, caused by nearby agriculture or industry.    Fortunately this spring water has nothing above it but untouched forested mountains.  We are extremely blessed to have these clean, natural, water sources available in case of an emergency.

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