Saturday 4 July 2020

Why We Have No Water

    We lost our water the other day due to the heavy rains.  Yesterday it was sunny, so Glen and I decided we would hike up to Sunbeam Falls and see if we could do something to our water intake to get it flowing again.  We could hear the falls as we walked through the woods, it sounded as if the water was still rushing downslope pretty hard.
    When I rounded the rock outcropping and was able to see our culvert, I knew we weren’t going to be able to do anything.  Usually the bulk of the creek flow is on the far side of our culvert, but now the torrents are on both sides, because a pile of boulders and pieces of logs had piled up on top of our culvert diverting the flow to both sides.  We have never had  such a debris pile form on top of our culvert before.  The Sunbeam Creek must have been flowing much harder than it had in the last 35 years we have had the waterline.
    Glen wanted to try to get over to the culvert to clear the rocks off of the top of the culvert so some water would go in, giving us water in our waterline, but luckily we were able to talk him out of it; it was just to dangerous, the falls continues to drop another 65 ft. below our culvert.
    It looks like we will be living without running water in the house for a few days until the creek flow slows down, which will allow us to clear all of the debris from the top of our culvert.

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