Friday 24 July 2020

Rain On The Mountains

    After reading all of my complaints about our summer’s nonstop rain, a friend wrote me that in North Carolina they “only get rain on days ending with the letter ‘Y’”.   I thought was such a good line that I decided to steal it for this blog.
    Last evening the sun was shining so we felt obligated to go outside, take advantage of the sunshine, and go for a walk.  Of course as soon as we began our trek, we could see the showers falling on the mountains.  Fortunately, the precipitation held off while we were walking, and didn’t get serious until we got back home.  
    Sections of my garden are now a write-off; some plants like beans, corn, and pumpkins prefer heat and sunshine, instead of clouds, coolness, and standing water, weeds however are loving it.  This morning as I splashed out to the greenhouse it struck me--I don’t even like to walk past my garden this year.
    Our forecast is holding out the promise of a week of sunshine starting tomorrow.  It would certainly lift my spirits if it actually happens.

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