Thursday 16 July 2020

Our Summer Without Summer

    This summer is stacking up to be a non-event in the Robson Valley.  Throughout our long winter, I eagerly wait for signs of spring, and the days of warmth and sunshine to follow.  I await days when you can walk outside without jackets or boots, days when the heat and sunshine make the garden explode with growth.  Well it is beginning to feel that maybe I will just have to keep waiting until next year.
    Last summer and fall were miserable with constant rain and showers, and this summer we are seeing the same weather pattern, only more intense; puddles in the garden, puddles in the yard.  
    It is getting pretty discouraging.  This morning I was once again awaken by the pounding of rain hitting our roof;  It was hard to get out of bed to face it.
    The weather itself is enough to get me down, but this year it is coupled with having no water coming out of our taps, due to the torrents coming down our creek, and the fact when you do get a break in the rain and step outside, we are now being attacked by hoards of mosquitoes.  All of those many summer jobs; weeding the garden, mowing the lawn, etc. are just not getting done.
    I hope that our miserable summer doesn’t extend beyond the Robson Valley and that most of you out there are having a real summer.

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