Wednesday 29 July 2020

Weather Forecaster, Par Excellence

    A week ago I went out on a limb and predicted it would rain every Tuesday night until fall.  I was hoping that I would be wrong, not remembering that whenever I hoped that I would be wrong, I am always right.   
    The weather office had forecast a week of hot sunny weather with high temperatures between 31 to 34C (88-93F), but despite the prediction, by yesterday afternoon grayish clouds had started to form over the Cariboo Mountains, and by 5:45, as I was driving in for our music jam on the porch of the train station, I could see rain falling both to the east and the west of McBride.
    Sure enough during our mosquito infested jam it did start to shower.  At one point several of the players had to get up mid-song, and scramble themselves, instruments, and music stands closer to the walls of the train station for protection from the rain.
    Above is a photo of our view from the train station porch last night, looking down Main Street.

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  1. I see a rainbow in your picture. Sure wasn't from your attitude! :) hee