Friday 31 July 2020

Stewarts' View

    The other day we drove up the road to do some rubbernecking at the mudslide.  We continued on past the trucks and heavy machinery moving the landscape of the mudslide area around, and proceeded up Mountainview to what we always referred to as “Stewart’s View”.  It is at a high, open point of the road, overlooking the valley.   You can see the Fraser River, farms and pastures, and the split in the Cariboo Mountains where the Dore River enters.  It is a view I love.
    Decades ago when we first moved to the Robson Valley, David and Helen Stewart lived in the nice old farmhouse across the road from the view.  David was an adventurous world traveler and instructor of Anthropology at the University of Calgary and Helen was an artist and writer.  I heard that when they bought the house this lower side of the road was just a forest, and when it was cleared for pasture, this glorious view was created.
    Stewarts left the Valley long ago, but around here places and houses are often known by the names of those who used to own them, so for us this scene will always be Stewarts’ View.

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  1. Thank you for the lovely story about the Stewart's view.