Tuesday 14 July 2020

Mosquitoes,The Next Wave to Hit Us?

    Last evening we decided to try to take a walk down Horseshoe Lake Road.  It had been a few weeks since we had been there since the area had been closed due to flooding,  The water had all gone down, but the road was still blocked by barricades to keep vehicles out.  We walked around the barriers and started down the road.
    About halfway down the road  it became very evident that taking our walk here had been a really bad idea, as we were quickly surrounded by a swarm of aggressive mosquitoes.  It was so bad that we turned around and headed back to the protection of our car, but just opening the car doors to get in allowed the mosquitoes to also get in.
    We swatted the intruders all the way home.  We figured we probably already had enough potential mosquitoes at our house, without introducing newcomers.
    I have always associated the flooding of the Fraser with bad mosquito infestations.  If that is the case; we are in for pretty crappy days in what is left of our miserable summer.

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  1. As usual,mosquitos are the bane of every living person.