Sunday 5 July 2020

Dramatic Mudslide In the Neighborhood

    Our heavy rains have amplified problems around McBride.  The most dramatic of which occurred just 3/4 of a mile (1.2 kms) west of our house.   Willox Creek, which is generally a benign undistinguished waterway,  let go with a huge mudslide that engulfed a house.  The residents who were inside at the time had to break a window and climb out to escape.  The mud and debris continued on over the road and nearby driveways and just about to another house.
    The area where the slide originated has been surveyed by geo-tech officials who said it was still unstable and that there was danger of additional mudslides.   Numerous households in the area have been forced to evacuate.  Mountainview Road is closed, isolating those people living beyond the slide area, and giving them no access to go anywhere.  
    The photo above was by I. Heise.   You can find additional pictures and read more about the mudslide slide at this link:

You can view my photo-realistic paintings at:


  1. Be careful, take care of yourselves. Good thoughts from here. Hope this is over soon for everyone there.

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