Wednesday 1 December 2021

M.C. Escher

    I have always loved optical illusions and when I started going to university I discovered two artists that played with tricking what the eye was seeing.  One was Salvador Dali, who of course is famous for his painting of the melting clock (Persistence of Memory), but I always like his paintings with images that seem to change as you looked at them (

    Another artist that caught my fancy at the time was the Dutch graphic artist, M. C. Escher.  I was so impressed with his drawings that I bought my first art book:  The Graphic Work of M.C. Escher, which I still have.  Escher’s works are fascinating.   Objects intertwine and things that appear normal at first glance, are shown to be impossible with the second.  

    When we traveled in Europe and went to The Hague, we discovered that they had an Escher Museum there.  It was a real treat to visit the museum, see his prints, and learn more about his life.  You can view his works at:

    In one section of the museum there was a small room with very distorted walls and ceiling.  Two people could go into the room, one on one side in the narrow side and the other further in the back on the other side and get their photo taken.  The distortion in the walls made one person a shrimp, and the other a giant.  Below is our photo.


You can view my paintings at:

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