Wednesday 15 December 2021

Pre-Christmas Cold Spell

    It is not unusual for the Robson Valley to get a blast of Arctic air before Christmas, so I am not surprised that we are experiencing cold weather now.  Last night it was -22°C (-7°F).  That’s not the coldest pre-Christmas temperatures we have gotten in the past, but it is the coldest that we have been so far this winter.  

    As you can see in the photo, which was taken yesterday, the sky is totally clear and sunny.  Normally when we do get really cold weather we are fortunate in that we don’t get any wind, and it is always the wind that makes gets you.  You can also see in the photo all of the various paths we have made in the snow when we have taken Kona out for her walks.

    Today so far the sky is overcast, so maybe things will warm up a bit.  I’m not all that crazy about really cold temperatures.

    Take a look at my paintings:


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