Friday 17 December 2021

The Hero Rabbit

    Every year I put out and sell a calendar featuring trivia and my cartoons.  (What few I have left are for sale at McBride’s Whistlestop Gallery).  Anyway, for years now, every time I hear or read some interesting trivia, I add it to my database which I use for the calendar.

    The other day I got a phone call from someone who had purchased the 2022 calendar and wanted to know more information about the trivia which was on January 29th.  It said, “Comatose man’s life saved by his pet rabbit, 2004).  She peppered me with questions about the event, but unfortunately it was something I had read back in 2004, so I couldn’t really answer most of her questions and told her that I really couldn’t remember the specific details.  

    After she hung up I felt bad and I too was curious and wanted to remind myself about what exactly happened.  I did a Search and found the news article.  Here is the link:

    If you are too busy (or lazy) to read it yourself, here are the basic facts:  A diabetic man fell into a coma while watching TV and Dory, his large pet rabbit, jumped on his chest and started thumping him furiously with it’s feet.  This caught the attention of his wife, who immediately called the ambulance, which took him to the hospital where he was saved.

     If you don’t have the calendar and want to read my trivia, I do post the calendar page of the current month’s trivia on the top of my website under with the banner  “This Month’s Trivia”.

See this month's calendar trivia at:


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