Saturday 4 December 2021

Cat Extractor

    Our cat Lucifer loves my wife’s office.  There is a space heater going so it is always nice an toasty, and the office chair has a soft pillow on the seat, perfect for snoozing and so that is where she sleeps whenever she can.  This frustrates my wife every time she wants to use her office, because she is too tenderhearted (and scared) to disturb Lucifer, pick her up, and take her out of her chair.

    This is where I come in.  I am called at least once a day to, “Extract the cat.” 

    I walk into the office pick up Lucy, who shows her displeasure with a complaining meow.  I carry her up to my office and put her down on a pile of big padded envelopes under my desk.  There she curls up and resumes her sleep, while on the desk above her I paint and then write this blog.

    You might think that because I am always called on to play the “heavy” in situations with Lucifer, that she would hold some resentment toward me, but really it is just the opposite.  I seem to be “her guy.”  She is more kindly and affectionate toward me than she is to my wife, who always gives her treats and tries not to disturb her even though the situation often calls for it.  It is strange.

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