Thursday 9 December 2021

Our Very First Takeout Pizza

    We love pizza.  We love it so much that we generally eat a pizza every week.  It has become our habit to make one every Friday night.  We have been doing that for close to forty-five years.  Of course if we make one ourselves every week there has never been much of a need to buy one and bring it home. 

    There are a few places in McBride with pizza on the menu, but there again, when we go out to eat, we don’t order a pizza.  Now however there is a place in town whose main menu item is pizza, and we like to support local businesses, and since we didn’t have a meal planned for yesterday, we decided that we would just get one from Main Street Pizza and give it a try. 

    I realize that getting a takeout pizza is a very common thing and whenever we visit family down in the states, usually takeout pizza is ordered for one meal, and we always loved it, but even though we have lived in McBride for 44 years, last night was the first time we have ever had a takeout pizza in our house.

    It was sure easy, economical, and tasty, and driving home with it in the car was torture.  Because of our different desires in taste, we bought a half meat eater and half veggie.  I made the mistake of specifying that I didn’t want any pineapple on my side, so it ended up a little sweeter that I wanted, but like I said it was a tasty treat.  

    I am sure our first time for takeout pizza won’t be our last.


    Years ago I did make two videos of how I make our thin crust pizza which you can see on youtube:

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