Sunday 19 December 2021

So That's Where The Cat Is Hanging Out

    Other day after cleaning out a closet, we we came upon an old quilt my aunt made that needed to be aired-out.  I took it upstairs and draped it over two wooded folding chairs.  It had been there for a few days when we noticed that our cat Lucifer was disappearing for hours at a time.

    Several times during these absences, I got worried and even opened the door to call outside for her, afraid she had followed us outdoors and then couldn’t get back in.  Every time I did call outside for her she would suddenly appear on our staircase that led up to my office.  I couldn’t figure out where she had been, then the other day I happened to bump one of those folding chairs supporting the quilt and heard an irritated “Meow”. 

      I bent down and peered into the cubbyhole made by the quilt and there she was, warm and snoozing in her new-found resting place.  I always admired Lucifer’s ability to find warm, soft, snuggly places for her naps.  

    I am sure that by now the old quilt is now thoroughly aired-out, but I hate to put it back into the closet since it is being used.

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