Tuesday 7 December 2021

Elaine's Kicksled

    Yesterday we took our afternoon walk at the airfield.  When we were at the far end of the tarmac, I noticed something way off at the opposite end coming toward us.  I started to reach for Kona to put on her on the leash, but at that moment she saw the object too and took off toward it, barking.

    Luckily it was Elaine, who had encountered our barking, but friendly dog before, so she stopped and gave Kona the pets that she was craving.  As we got closer, I saw that Elaine had a kicksled.  A kicksled is a Scandinavian conveyance that is propelled like a skateboard, but with two skis, instead of wheels.  It also has a chair in the front, for when the kicker wants to sit down and rest.

    It wasn’t that much of a surprise to see Elaine on a kicksled, for years she has worked in the field of outdoor recreation, so she is usually outside hiking, skiing, or kayaking.  She told us she has been wanting a kicksled for a long while, but they are difficult to find, because they are popular, but in short supply.  She had a friend make this one for her, using a pair of her old cross-country skis.

    It is difficult to see anything but the tip of the skis in the photo, but she is standing on them.  When the kicksled is moving, one of her feet will be on a ski, while the other pushes her forward through the snow.  Yesterday at the airfield, the conditions were perfect for gliding through the snow.    I suspect it would be a bit more difficult pushing forward, when the snow gets deeper.

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