Monday 6 December 2021

Morning Walk On The Loop Trail

    Every morning we have been doing our walk on what we call our Loop Trail.  It winds through both our neighbor’s property and our own.  It takes us through a wooded areas and two old abandoned fields by the Fraser River, then ends up at our pond.  It’s a good way to wake ourselves up, breathing the cold air, walking the uneven ground, and all of the up and down slopes.  According to my iPhone, it is close to 3,000 steps, 1.8 kms (1 mile), and the same as climbing 4 floors.

    Kona is always eager to do it and yesterday when we went, the sun had just come up.  It was a cool morning with a temperature of -11°C (12°F).  I kept my camera under my coat, and it was a hassle to always have to dig it out every time I wanted to take a photo.  I always have to take my gloves to snap the shots, which makes for cold hands.  Nevertheless here are a couple of photos from our walk.

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