Friday 3 December 2021

Finally a Blue Sky (And Even a Grouse)

    I think I must suffer from a slight case of SAD, (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  When we get a string of overcast, low light days, like we have been experiencing for a week or so now, I find myself very unmotivated and it is hard for me to get at things.  Even though I almost always have my camera with me, it is just extra weight, because I just can’t find anything inspiring to photograph.

    Yesterday the sun was showing itself again, and the sky was a beautiful blue.   It gave me a lot more energy and as I was walking Kona around the pond, I experienced another treat; a Ruffed Grouse who was scratching around close to the trail, flew up when Kona approached.  It landed in a nearby tree and perched there, allowing me to unleash my camera from it’s carrying case and take a photo.  It was a nice image, seeing the grouse against that blue sky.

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