Wednesday 22 December 2021

Firewood: My Annual Worry

                 Even though I always think I have put away enough firewood for winter, once winter is upon us, I always start to worry that I won’t have enough to get me through.  I normally I start burning the Aspen, Willow, and Cottonwood in the late fall, because they burn quickly and don’t put out a lot of heat.  That part of my woodpile disappears quickly. 

    Once cold weather hits, I start burning Birch.  It is a very dense wood that burns slowly and puts out a lot of heat.  That is what I am burning now, but the hole left in the woodpile from all the other wood does make it seem like I am going through the firewood to quickly, and there is still a lot of winter left to go.

    We are supposed to get some really cold weather this weekend (-34°C, -29°F on Sunday night).  Obviously, that will make even the Birch disappear quickly.  

    Every winter I worry about whether I will have enough firewood to get me through and every year I get through with firewood left over.  I hope that will again be the case.

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