Monday 20 December 2021

Thinking About Spring

    Yesterday while shoveling the driveway I noticed the winter sun low in the sky, shining through the trees.  I stopped my work, dug out my iPhone and shot this photo.  Tomorrow will be the Winter Solstice, so as days pass, the sun will begin slowly rise higher on the horizon.   Knowing that gives me hope that somewhere down the line, winter will end and spring will arrive.

    I do have a snowblower, but the last couple of snowfalls have been light, only 2 or 3 inches (6-9 cm)  of fluffy, down-like snow.  That’s not really enough for my snowblower, and its easy to remove with a snow shovel.  Of course we could easily drive through that much snow, but every time we do the snow gets compressed into ice, and over time, that ice gets thicker and thicker, and would build up over the winter, becoming very slippery during the spring melt, making the driveway difficult to use.  That’s is why I always try to get it off while I can.

    We are presently going through a cold snap.  This morning it was -26°C (-15°F).  It is forecast to get colder later in the week. Ugh.

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