Thursday 17 July 2014

White Tornado

    Joan and I are busy doing the white tornado thing to our house, in anticipation of guests.   They aren’t relatives, like in the cartoon, but a youngish couple from Holland, friends of my niece, who we have never met.  They are vacationing in Western Canada, and are coming through the Robson Valley.  They have been camping and I think they need a bit of “house” time for restoration, before continuing.
    Living where we do, so far away in the middle of nowhere, (or is it the ends of the earth?) anyway, we don’t get too many visitors, so when someone comes, we have to forget our everyday life style and put the extra polish on the house and yard.  Poor Skye and Lucifer are puzzled at all this sudden activity and wondering what is going on. 

    All this extra cleaning does have its rewards, I bet I have found $4 worth of change laying around, in crevasses, under things, and on the floor.

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