Friday 11 July 2014

Smoke in the Valley

    Maybe its all my years of working at the BC Forest Service, but whenever we start getting a dry spell during the summer, I can’t help but worry about the possibility of forest fires.  We are in a dry spell now, and BC has a couple of big fires going on.  Fortunately, they are far away.
    The closest is the Red Deer Creek Fire which is situated near Tumbler Ridge, BC.  As the crow flies it is 124 km (77 miles) from McBride.  Despite the distance, we are not unaffected by the fire.  The Robson Valley is starting to haze over from smoke from its smoke.  Last night as I took Skye out for her final pee, this helicopter, which I assume had something to do with the fire, was flying through the smoky haze, as it returned to the McBride Air Field.

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