Monday 28 July 2014

How Do You Like the Garden?

    The neighborhood deer, who Joan has been calling “Petunia,” because of her love of Joan’s flowers, leaped across the fence surrounding our garden, and spent a lot of time sampling what was growing there.  The deer ate through our cabbages (above), stripped our kale and lettuce, and for dessert ate all of the blossoms from Joan’s roses.  The deer had quite a feast.  I’m sure it was the same deer that got into our greenhouse and ate our green peppers a couple of weeks ago.
    When I told a neighbor of the devastation the deer caused in the garden, he replied that he thought other neighbors were feeding the deer, to which I said, “Obviously, they were not feeding her enough.”
    I do have a 6 foot (1.8m) fence around the garden, but I guess I will have to make it even higher.  On Saturday, I went out to the garden to survey the fence so that I could see how I could extend it, and while I was there I turned around, and to my surprise, there stood Petunia, right behind me (photo below).  When I chased her, she easily cleared the 6 foot fence.
    I was able to put up some posts in, for a higher fence, on Saturday, but I did not have time to put up the wire fencing, because I went hiking yesterday (photos tomorrow).  Just now, as I was writing this blog, I wasn’t sure how high the fence around my garden was, so I though I would go out and measure it.  On my way out, I glanced through a window, and to my dismay, there was Petunia, once again in the garden, and helping herself to more of Joan’s roses (bottom photo shows Petunia inside my fenced garden with the roses)  Again she easily cleared the 6 ft fence.
    After today, we will see how easily she clears an 8 foot (2.4m) fence around the garden.

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