Saturday 5 July 2014

Nature Show at the McBride Library

    One room museum/gallery space at the McBride Library is now stuffed full of collections of butterflies, bird nests, wild animal skulls, fossils, and other natural items, all part of the “All Things Bright and Beautiful” show that will be on display at the library until September.  I am always amazed at the natural treasures that can be seen in the Robson Valley, and also the amazing talent and abilities of our residents that are so often hidden from view.
    Last night began a series of nature lectures that will be held on Friday nights at the library.  Jeff Corbet began the series with a slide show (using actual slides,) and talk about the Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park in the very far north of Saskatchewan.  I had never heard of the place, and his slides and the tales of his young family’s canoe trip, the desert-like sand dunes, and wildlife, provided both an entertaining, educational, and enjoyable Friday night. 
    Future Friday lectures include:
    July 11th-    “Rockin’ in the Robson Valley (Geologically) with Harold Edwards.
    July 18th-    ”Take a Hike with Botanist Barb Zimmer
    July 25th-     “Hummingbird Banding, and More”  with Jill Howard
    Aug. 1st-    “The Goat River Experience” with Roy Howard
    Aug. 8th-    “Collecting Butterflies and Moths” with Mick Callas
    Aug. 15th-    “Wild Wildlife” with Bryan Monroe.  
    Below is a photo showing some of Bryan’s skulls, from cougar on the left to beaver on the right.

Take a look at my paintings:

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