Thursday 3 July 2014

Daisy, Daisy

    My lawn is a hodge-podge of different grasses and plants.  No one can accuse me not encouraging diversity.  I like to see the different wildflowers growing in the lawn.  When I am mowing and come across a batch of wildflowers I mow around them rather than over them.  That’s exactly what I did with this clump of daisies.  I recognized the foliage, and allowed them to mature.  I do the same with the forget-me-nots and a small purple flower use name escapes me.  By allowing these plants to mature, they re-seed, and come up again next year.
    Once they flower, I give them enough time to form the seeds, then I mow over them when the plant starts to decline.  I usually get the pleasure of a few weeks of unexpected flowers in the lawn before they start to turn ratty, and the bees and other insects enjoy having them around too.

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