Monday 21 July 2014

Animals on Top of Things

    Lately I have seen animals sitting on top of things, and as always, I had my camera with me.  Above, you see Lucifer sitting on top of our house waiting for us to return from a walk.  She climbs up a post that supports our balcony and then wanders around on the roof until we rescue her.  
    Yesterday afternoon, I went out to Roth’s farm for a seed savers group meeting.  After the meeting the Roth’s led us on a tour of the farm.  We got to see their big garden, and among the many things growing there were some grapes.  Someone cleverly commented that the vines were the “Grapes of Roth.”  
    As we saw the way they are managing their farm animals, I spotted one of their dogs watching the group from atop a round bale of hay.

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