Monday 7 July 2014

Old Shoes

    I have trouble throwing old clothes away.  That includes shoes.  After several years now of being on the verge, I have finally decided it was time to throw these old runners away.  I am not sure when I bought them,  they were already relegated and classified as ‘work’ shoes when I painted “Reunion” back in 2010 (see photo below).
    I like to have two pairs of runners, one good pair for wearing out in public, and an old pair for everyday working around the house.  A year and a half ago, I realized that this old work pair was about ready to chuck in the trash, so I bought a brand new pair, but then I continued to wear these old beaters and the new pair stayed in storage out in my shop.
    Finally the other day, I forced myself to retrieve the new ones and wear them, so that meant that the previous good pair becomes my work pair and these old ones are going in the trash can.  Truth be told, they are not actually in the trash can yet, but they are going to be.

You can see the whole "Reunion" painting and others at:

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