Sunday 13 July 2014

A Bear About

    Regular readers of this blog know that part of my daily routine is walking the trail through the woods with Joan and Skye.  For the past week we haven’t done the walk.  Joan has been having trouble with her leg/hip, and when I tried to walk the trail with Skye, she has been too freaked out and uncomfortable, especially now that Joan isn’t ‘covering her back,’ as we walk through the high underbrush.
    There has been bear activity along the trail.  Bushes with early berries, have been mashed down by bears in a not too subtle way.  As a result I have just given up on walking the trail.  Instead we have been walking around the pond, which is shorter and more out in the open and not so scary for Skye.  
    This morning on our walk around the pond, we came up on this big pile of bear poop right on the pond trail.  It had been deposited overnight.  Skye took great interest in sniffing it, and Lucifer, our cat (who accompanies us on this shorter walk) left the trail and walked in the weeds, giving a wide berth around the pile.
    So far this has been a good bear.  It doesn’t come close to the house, and is happy doing its own thing out in the woods.  It’s usually in the fall when they cause trouble and come into the yard and tear up our fruit trees as they “carbo-load” in preparation for winter.

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