Sunday 1 December 2013

The WInter Parade Begins

    The composite photo above didn’t turn out as good as I had wished, but hopefully it will help me make the point I am trying to make, i.e., the snowmobilers have arrived and are powering past our house on their way to the alpine slopes.
    Down in the flats of the valley bottom, the snow has pretty much all melted.  A bit higher, where we live, there is still some snow on the ground, but it is patchy, but up in the alpine, I suspect there is quite a bit of the white stuff piled up, ergo all the snowmobile traffic.

    The snowmobilers come to McBride from as far away as Saskatchewan and Alberta.  Its amazing to see how much money some of them have spent on their fancy trucks, trailers, and snowmobiles.  Some of the enclosed trailers are longer than the ones you see in the photo.  At night it looks like Christmas trees going down Mountainview road as they return from the mountains with all the yellow and red lights on their trucks and trailers.

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