Saturday 7 December 2013

More Frosted Grass

    -29C (-20F) this morning.  During these cold spells I can’t help but think about the wild animals.  I saw a deer gleaning some food from my bird feeder yesterday.  They have, of course, developed over millions of years of cold winters, but as I huddle around the wood stove and put on layers and layers of clothing before going outside for 15 minutes, its hard to not wonder how they survive through these long dark months of biting cold.
    When we first moved to Canada we experienced sometimes, a solid week of temperatures at -40C (-40F).  Its been a long while since we’ve had it that cold, I guess I am getting soft in my old age because the temperatures we have been getting over the last few days are plenty cold enough for me now.  
    When we used to get the really cold temperatures, everything started causing trouble.  The car wouldn’t start, our water would freeze, and basically things were pretty miserable.  Because of those experiences, now every time it gets cold, I feel uneasy.  I can’t help but expect trouble.  Of course, life goes on, and after a while we get used to it, but I would prefer it to warm up a bit and snow.

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