Monday 23 December 2013


    We’ve had our dog, Skye, now for a month and one of the surprising things we have noticed is that she hasn’t yet barked.  We really didn’t want a dog that barked all the time, Mac, our previous dog didn’t bark very much, but when he saw a squirrel or deer, he let them know he was irritated by their presence and that he was in charge of the yard by vocalizing.
    I figured that Skye would be the same.  Just wait until she saw a squirrel or a deer, then in her excitement, we would hear her voice, but no.  She has seen squirrels, and is very curious about them, running below them as they jump from tree to tree, but no barking.  I was sure that seeing a deer would set her off, but again, no.  
    In the photo above, Skye is sitting on a chair beside the window.  The brown lump you see on the other side of the glass is the back and rear end of a deer munching on dried grass at the edge of the house.  Skye watched the deer, didn’t bark, and was more curious about what I was doing with the camera.
    Curiously enough, most of the vocalization she does, she does when she is sleeping.  In the middle of the night, she makes little howling noises and other sorts of sounds with her voice. 
    I do sort of wish that she would just give the next squirrel she sees a bit of her opinion.

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