Friday 13 December 2013

Pernilla and Emma

    I am sure that friends and relatives who have come to visit us in McBride, have left thinking that we live pretty close to the “ends of the earth.”   I even feel that way myself sometimes, but despite our great distances from the “rest of the world”, I am always surprised that there are so many people from faraway that come here, and seemingly, enjoy the experience.  A case in point are the Valley’s two visitors from Sweden:  Pernilla and Emma.
    I first ran into them when when came to square dancing (actually it has been a big surprise to me just how many young people  have been coming), but to get back to Pernilla and Emma; looking for some adventure, they somehow signed up to work for a local rancher, I assume for room and board.  They arrived in the Robson Valley in the fall, which is a surprising time to come.  That is usually when everyone is trying to escape the coming winter season.
    These two Swedes seem to like the challenges that winter brings, living in a small wood-heated cabin and working outside with the horses.  They even postponed their trip back home so they could stay longer in the Valley, thus missing Christmas and New Years in Sweden.  They have been showing up at other local events, like the McBride Christmas Fair and Pernilla even picked up a guitar to join in during last Tuesdays jam session.
    It really makes me feel good knowing that there are young people like these two, who are adventurous enough to spend time in unfamiliar places to broaden their experiences and join in to a lifestyle different from what they are used to.
    They have been doing a short blog that shows lots of photos of their adventures, that I found interesting.  Here is a link: 

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