Thursday 19 December 2013

Return of the Winter Wonderland

    Yipee, we got our internet back.  We lost it on Tuesday night during a really amazing snowstorm.  The snow was just beginning, as I was heading out on my 10 minute drive into McBride for our weekly jam session.  It was the worst snow-driving conditions I have ever experienced on Mountain View Rd.  Even with the low beams on, the flakes were so big I could hardly tell where the road was.  I figured I would be the only person to show up, but we had pretty much our regular contingent, which included Lelani and Bob, who drove through the awful storm from Dunster--truly dedicated musicians all.
    Wednesday morning, I drove into town and on the way back along the straight stretch before getting to the turn where the old bridge used to be, I watched a SUV come around the curve, slide one way, then swerve across the road to the other direction, it didn’t look like it was getting any slower, so I slowed down and watched as it turned tail first and slide into the ditch, finally stopping when it hit a tree with its rear end.   I pulled over and climbed down to see if anyone was hurt, fortunately no.  It was a young mother, visibly shook up, with five small kids.   After getting her and her brood into another vehicle which was headed into town, I proceeded on my journey home.
    Yesterday was a photographer’s dream with all the trees thickly covered with snow. I ended up taking forty photos, as I kept seeing the dream-like environment made by all the snow.  It sure makes me appreciate digital cameras, which allow numerous photos without having to worry about running out of film.

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