Tuesday 17 December 2013


    I think the photo probably says it all, but I hate to see a big empty space where I am supposed to write so I am going to add some more words.  The cold temperatures and clear weather that we had last week are gone replaced by warmer, cloudier,  and wetter weather here in the Robson Valley.  Early this morning when I took this shot the temperature was +4 C (39 F).  The rain showers we have been getting have turned the packed snow in my driveway into ice.  The snow in the yard and pasture has slumped, but at least it is still there.  
    Yesterday, I took Skye for a walk at the airfield.  It is a fairly windy place which causes the snow to drift so it is not as deep, and it had pretty much disappeared from both sides of the runway.  The forecast  says it is supposed to turn colder today.  I hope so, I would much rather see it snow than rain.

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