Friday 6 December 2013

Frosted Grass

    There is a dome of cold temperatures sitting over the Robson Valley, and it looks as if the frigid temperatures will be around for a while.  This morning the thermometer read -28C (-18F).
    We have been keeping our outside activities to a minimum, which means that we go outside to feed the birds, get firewood, and give Skye a chance to do her business.  We did get brave last night and drove into square dancing to get a little exercise.
    Yesterday afternoon, I walked Skye around my frozen pond, and noticed  these frost covered weeds sticking up out of the crystal covered snow.  I dug under my coat and pulled out my camera and took this shot.  
    As I mentioned the other day, during the winter the sun does climb very high in the sky, and as you can see from the shadows on this photo, the angle of the sun is pretty low for being in the mid afternoon.

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