Tuesday 10 December 2013

Piling Up

    It sounds as if huge swaths of North America are experiencing dramatic winter weather.  My brother way down south in Dallas, was without power for most of a day due to an ice storm.  Perhaps the worst weather was in the Canadian prairies where extremely cold temperatures were mixed with snow and very strong winds.  Last week I was complaining about our cold temperatures and this week it has warmed up (-8C 17F) but the snow keeps falling.
    I usually paint in the morning, but over the last two days I have had to spend my mornings shoveling the driveway.  The forecast for the week looks like some snow every day.  Officially, it is not even winter yet, and I am already worrying about where I am going to put the snow along the driveway as the piles get higher and higher. 
    Our new dog Skye seems to be adapting well to all of the white stuff and loves to bury his nose into it.

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