Sunday 15 December 2013


    Wolves live around here, but it is fairly rare to actually sight one.  Two and a half weeks ago, we did see some wolf tracks in the snow on our trail.  Yesterday, we saw a wolf down on the Fraser River.  By the time I got my camera out and ready, it was already heading for the bush, but I did manage to get this shot.  As you can see they do look a lot like a German Shepherd, but it was fairly far away from any houses, and Joan did spot a pair of wolves down on the River a few days ago.
    It took me about 15 years after moving to McBride to see my first wolf.  One Sunday afternoon in February, I put on some snowshoes and decided to walk up to the bluffs that jut out on the slope across  the road from our house.  When I got up to the rocks, I was a surprised to see a black wolf lazing on a boulder watching me.  She sat up on her haunches stretched and yawned as she looked at me.  I remember her yellow eyes.
    I just stood there for a while watching then turned and walked away.  I did feel a bit spooked, but nothing happened, except I got myself a good story.  I have seen more wolves lately, mostly on our drives to Prince George.  

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