Saturday 30 November 2013


    Yesterday when I got home from my trip to Prince George, Joan shocked me by saying that a package of luncheon meat had been stolen from our truck when she was parked in McBride.  I find it  disgusting that such a dastardly act would take place in tiny rural McBride where everyone knows everyone else.  Here is what happened;
    Joan drove into town along with our new dog Skye.  Joan left Skye in the cab of our pickup truck and went into the grocery and bought 200 grams of luncheon meat.  She returned to the truck and placed the package of meat on the passenger seat of the truck, then left the truck to do some further shopping.
    Upon her return to the truck she discovered the empty plastic bag from the meat (it is shown above we have tagged it “EXHIBIT A”) had been moved and the meat was gone.   The crime has a couple of mysterious aspects to it:
  1. It is strange that the thief left the wrappings on the seat.  I would have thought that the whole package would have been grabbed and taken away.
  2. This whole crime took place while our dog Skye was inside the truck.  Even though Skye is really a friendly dog, I would have suspected that anyone looking into the truck would have seen the dog and would have been hesitant about opening the door and unwrapping the meat, while a dog was there.
    We felt sorry for Skye.  Joan said that when she returned to the truck Skye was sitting in the passenger seat and looked terribly guilty.  Evidently, she felt bad about not doing a better job of protecting the meat from the thief.

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  1. That reminds me when we were camping in the mountains with the three dogs we had at the time. We stashed a pack of hot dogs in a snowdrift behind a nearby boulder. While we were setting up camp we noticed Monty come from behind the boulder with a look on his face that told us immediately what had happened.