Wednesday 25 December 2013

Debris Trail

    That’s Lucifer there on the right, looking over the debris trail left after the package opening frenzy this morning.  It appears that I was either a good boy, or Santa got bad information, because I got a lot of very nice presents--a lot of them centering around the theme of keeping warm in the winter time.
    I got some felt house boots, and a sleeping gown, complete with hat.  Our friend, Di , who always gives us more gifts than we deserve, must have been taking notes while reading my blog, gifts from her included books on how to grow chili’s, how to make hot sauce from chili’s, and a book about strategies for outwitting squirrels. 
    We talked to Di this morning and she told us that her sister in Scotland apparently got confused when sending gifts out and had mistakenly sent Di the gift meant for someone in Dubai, and I guess Di’s gift went there.
    I guess it won’t surprise anyone that we had ourselves a white Christmas up here in McBride, BC, with a good foot (30cm) of snow on the ground and lots of blowing snow in the air.

Even though it was Christmas, I painted, see my paintings: 

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