Tuesday 3 December 2013


    Occasionally I end up with some article of clothing that just doesn’t work for me.  Long ago I blogged about a shirt whose sleeves were too short, and I ended up cutting off the cuffs of a ripped up old shirt and sewing them onto the ill-fitting shirt to make the sleeves the right length.  Sometimes a clothing problem can be corrected, but sometimes it can’t.
    The photo shows some relatively new socks that were causing me problems.  It shows exactly what these socks looked like when I removed my foot from my boots.
    Yesterday I was wearing this particular pair of socks when we headed out for our morning walk.  As I walked, the socks, began to slowly work their way down off of my lower leg, then my ankles, until half of my foot was naked in my felt pack boots and I was walking on a big clump of sock bunched up under my arches with every step I took.    
    I had to stop twice along the way, balancing on one foot, while I took off my boot and pulled my socks back on, only to have it do exactly the same thing further down the trail.  It was extremely irritating because instead of enjoying the walk and the scenery around me, my attention could not be diverted from being aware of my socks slowly working their way off of my foot.
    I am going to get rid of these socks and donate them to the local thrift store.  Perhaps on someone else’s feet they will behave better.

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