Friday 16 August 2013

Winter on the Horizon?

    During the last month, when I was out in the bush, my chainsaw roaring, hot, thirsty, and wiping the sweat from my face, I often asked myself, why in the middle of summer was I spending so much time gathering firewood?   There was still plenty of time left before I would need it.  I guess I am more of an ant than a grasshopper, because I always feel uneasy until I get my firewood stacked and ready for that cold season that will eventually arrive.   At the same time, it did feel like I was jumping the gun on winter, but maybe not.
    Yesterday, Joan and I drove up to Prince George for an appointment and shopping.  I was shocked to discover when we walked into Costco, that they were selling flannel lined shirts, snowblowers, and Christmas trees.  I was glad I got my firewood, because even though it is still the middle of August, at Costco, winter it seemed, was not be that far off.

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