Monday 19 August 2013

A No-WIn Situation

    A bear came around and thrashed our apple and cherry trees early this morning.  It happens every year, and it’s always upsetting.
    It looks like the bear started on the apple tree, tearing down the main stem, eating a few apples, then it decided they weren’t quite ripe enough yet, so it left the destruction and moved on to the cherry tree, whose fruit was sweet and ripe.  There it knocked down several of its branches as it ate the sweet morsels .
    This time of year the bears are eating aggressively trying to put on enough weight to get them through all those months of winter hibernation.  I wish I could communicate with them and tell them that I would happily give them a lot of apples, if they just wouldn’t wreck the tree.
    The problem we always face is this:  the apples are not yet ripe, and if picked, they deteriorate quickly, so we can’t really pick them ahead of time.  Instead we can only watch them grow and hope that they mature before the bear comes around.  They never do.
    When Joan saw the damage to the trees, she walked back to the greenhouse, to make sure the door was closed.  As she approached the greenhouse, she scared off the bear, who was now feasting at the compost pile.

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