Tuesday 20 August 2013

Bi-Polar Air Field


   Joan and I often walk up and down McBride’s airfield for exercise.  Walking up the runway is always a totally different experience than walking back down.  One way you will get the wind in your face and during the summer that is really refreshing.  In the winter, not so.  When we turn around and have the wind at our back it is either a relief (in winter), or terribly hot (in summer).
    Yesterday during our walk we experienced another bi-polar aspect of the airfield--the weather.  When we walked up the tarmac, it seemed like we were walking into the valley of the shadow of death.  The sky was terribly dark and threatening.  When we finally got to the end and turned around the skies were blue and sunny.  It was a bizarre experience.  The photos show the view in both directions.
    By the time we drove home the dark clouds had taken over the whole sky causing a very noticeable drop in the temperature and a downpour of rain.  as we drove home

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