Saturday 10 August 2013

A Boot Full of Bees

    Its strange how things happen.  On my last blog I wrote about hornet nests and I felt like I was through with the subject.  Yesterday, I was going out to the Goat River to put in some more time working on the Goat River Trail, so I needed to get my daypack from the shop.  When I went up to the attic, where it was stored, I heard some buzzing, and when I looked around to try to find the source, I noticed that there was a lot of activity going on in one of my old gum boots (also known as ‘rubber’ boots, or ‘Wellingtons”).
    It seems that the bees decided that the boot would make an excellent place for a home and went to work.  It is difficult to tell from the photo, but their nest comes about halfway up the leg of the boot.  Fortunately, these are old boots, and I have newer ones that I generally wear.
    I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s blog, but just about every year I have a swarm of bees building a nest somewhere in my shop attic.  Last year they used a cardboard computer box I was saving, as their residence. 

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