Thursday 22 August 2013

Salsa Time

    It’s always one of the high points of summer for me--when my tomatoes and chili peppers start coming in.  We have been snacking on cherry tomatoes for a while now, but finally the bigger tomatoes are ripening.  Joan has done two canning sessions so we will have some of that rich tomato taste over the winter, but it’s the eating of the fresh tomatoes that I love.  Nothing makes a sandwich taste better than a slice of home grown tomato and fresh salsa can’t be beat.
    As I have mentioned before, I grow about 6 different varieties of tomatoes.  This year I tried some of the darker ones--”Black From Tula” and “Chocolate Cherokee” are the dark ones you can see in the photo.  They both have a full, not real acidy taste.    I have really enjoyed eating the cherry tomatoes this year.  I planted a variety called “Sweet Baby Girl” and they are exceptionally tasty.  You won’t see them in the photo, because they seem to quickly disappear every time I go into the greenhouse and rarely make it into the house

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