Thursday, 18 November 2021

Certainly Looks Like Winter


    Officially winter is still a month away, but you couldn’t really tell it by looking around.   The landscape has turned pretty white in the Robson Valley.  I guess there is not guarantee that it will last, Nature seems to have changed her rule book lately, but I guess it doesn’t really matter, we will have to take whatever we are given.

    All of our usual winter activities have begun:  My new snowblower has now been initiated and ready for any new snow, so that is one less worry.  Walking the dog has gotten more complicated because of limits as to where we can walk, and Kona now has to have the snow build-up on her feet showered off, whenever we get back to the house.  We now have to put on and take off our winter coats, gloves, and boots whenever we go out or come in.     

     Firewood has to be constantly carried into the house and fed into the wood stove.  Road spray has to be constantly cleaned off of the little camera on the back of our car, so we can view where we are backing.  Now that we have re-acquainted ourselves with all those little chores, I guess we are in the winter-mode. 

Take a look at my paintings:


  1. Is your weather different in "the valley" than outside of it?

  2. The "Valley" is pretty much all there is around here as far as where people are. Everything surrounding it are mountains, where people don't live. The mountains of course get a whole lot more snow, which comes earlier in the year and stays later.